The International Choir Championship “LegeArtis” 2019 will be held from June 06 to June 09, 2019 in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in accordance with the propositions, regulations, and the rules of procedure for the jury.

Only non-proffesional choirs and vocal ensembles are welcommed to participate.

All choirs and vocal ensembles should apply for their participation in the championship exclusively through the online application form. The application form is available on the official competition site.

The dadline for applications for all ensembles and choirs is from April 27th. 2019

Applications received after April 27th, 2019 will not be taken into consideration

The artistic committee of the championship, composed of conductors, composers and music pedagogues, will review all applications and publish the list of participants of the International Choir Championship „LegeArtis“ 2019 on May, 1st, 2019, at the latest.

The choirs and vocal ensembles will compete in four categories:

A Children’s choirs

A1 UNANIMOUS SINGING 7-10 minutes program (Choir at stage must have at least 2/3 singers, age under 16), instrumental accompaniment is allowed, but at least one song must be performed as a capella two-part voice singing.

A2 MULTI-VOCAL SINGING 10-12 minutes program (Choir at stage must have at least 2/3 singers, age under 16), instrumental accompaniment is allowed for one composition only.

B Female and Male Choirs 10-15 minutes program (ensembles with more than 14 singers)

C Vocal ensembles (ensembles of up to 14 singers) 10 – 14 minutes program

D Mixed Choirs and Chamber Mixed Choirs 16 – 20 minutes program

The duration of choir’s performance implies the beginning and completion of stage performance, including breaks between the compositions.

For categories B, C and D: instrumental accompaniment allowed for one composition only.

For category A1: Free choice of the competition program allowed.

Categories A2, B, C, D mandatory / required performances:

-One composition of an old master / renaissance period

Three ensembles with the highest number of points (above minimum of 85.00 points) within specific category (A2, B, C, D) in the first part of the competition, will compete for “GOLDEN LYRA“- the GrandPrix of category.

At this occation, at the concert of participants and before the announcement of a category winners, ensambles selected by jury will compete for Grand Prix performing two compositions of their choice (requirements: minimum one new composition- the one that was not performed during the first part of the competition).

In case that any ensamble selected for GrandPrix competition by jury is absent, this selected ensemble will be disqualified and replaced by an ensemble with the next closest number of points won in the first part of competition.

Decisions on winners of championship categories will be made by jury on the spot.

The jury may decide not to recommend to hold the competition for the GrandPrix of category if they appraises that none of choir ensembles deserves to compete for the Grand Prix of category.

The decisions of jury are final.

For all participating conductors, after the GrandPrix Category competition and categories’ awards announcements, the Championship organizer arranges a meeting – a round table discussion with members of jury, on the topic of choral ensembles and commentary.

All choir ensambles will be ranked according to the number of points they won, and accordingly awarded the following prizes:



70- 79,99 points – THIRD PRIZE

80-89,99 points – SECOND PRIZE

90-100 points – FIRST PRIZE

The organizing committee may, at the proposal of the jury and within each category, award special prizes:

– Award “Čestmir Mirko Dušek” for the best conductor

– Award for the best performance of choral piece of Bosnian-Herzegovinian composer

– Award for the best performance of sacral / spiritual music piece

– Award for the best performance of an old master piece (renaissance)

– Award for Best Performed Composer’s Work from the Period of Romanticism

– Award for best performed piece of modern / contemporary work

– Audience Award

The jury can also award some choirs with other special prizes.

The organizing committee will award a certificate for free-of-charge participation in the “LegeArtis” International Choir Championship 2020 to the choir who win the highest number of points in the first part of the competition.

For participation in the Championships, choirs and ensembles should pay a donation fee for participation.

Registration fee / donation is paid in KM or € (per chorus / ensemble):

For the championship choir participants that are not from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the donation / fee for participation will be paid per ensemble:

Category (A1, A2, B, C, D) – 90 Euro

For domestic choral ensembles donations for participation per ensemble:

Category (A1, A2, B, C, D) – 160 KM

Donation should be paid no later than 7 days after the list of selected participants of the International Choir Championship “Lege Artis” Tuzla 2019 is publicly announced.

The donation is to be paid to the account of the City Art Society “Lege Artis” Tuzla number: 3384402215232017, opened with Unicreditbank dd, with the note “Donation for the International Choir Championship” LegeArtis ” 2019.

For payments from abroad:

IBAN account number: BA393384404815323516, SWIFT: UNCRBA 22

When arriving at the competition, a confirmation of the payment of the donation fee should be submitted by choir’s representative to the Organizing Committee as well as six (6) copies of music score sheets of their competition program.

Choirs who previously received certificate for free participation at the “LegeArtis” Choir Championship 2018 should submit the certificate to the organizing committee for its verification.

In case that an choir/ensamble cancels its participation, the amount of paid donation fee will not be returned to the ensemble.

The organizer of the competition will provide participants with:

– Audio-video recording of the competition

– Color program booklet

– Workshops and seminars for conductors and singers

– Refreshments

– Local guide for ensemble available during the competition day

– Tourist sightseeing of the City

– OpenAir concerts

-Concerts of spiritual/sacral music

For choral ensembles who need accommodation in our city, the Organizer will offer accommodation in several different hotels and guesthouses in the City of Tuzla, in cooperation with the hotel managers of Tuzla, at a more affordable prices.

Jury 2019

David Means


Ludo Claesen


Jasenka Ostojic


Djordje Stankovic


Resad Arnautovic

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Draženko Civcic

Secretary of the Jury

Organizational committee

Jasmin Hasic

Director of International Choir Championship "Lege Artis"

Asja Redzic

City of Tuzla

Hari Ejubovic


Edin Jahic

Director of Touristic agency City of Tuzla

Barbara Pavljasevic

PR Championship

Jasmin Osmic

Drazenko Civcic

Selma Jusupovic

Zumreta Kovcic

Esad Ibrisimovic

Rabija Dervisbegovic

Nermin Hasic

Samir Mujakic

Zarko Mladina

Art Committee

Hasic Jasmin

Master of art-conducting

Jasmin Osmic

Master of art-composition

Miradet Zulic

Doctor of musicology

Selma Softic Porobic

Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences & Professor of music pedagogy

Dzenana Huseinagic

Specialist of solo singing-soprano

Fikret Piskavica

Professor of Music pedagogy and teory, Conductor