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International choir championship “Lege Artis” 2019 begins:

International choir championship “Lege Artis” 2019 begins
June 06. 2019.

The application deadline is April 27th, 2019.

In order to apply you must completed on line application. Later you  must send  photograph of the choir and the conductor.

After the application deadline but no later than May, 01st. 2019, the names of all participants will be announced on the our web site.

Choirs participants of Championship, cover their expenses and possible accommodation during the competition.

About City of Tuzla


IMG_8582-1Pannonian beauty on a grain of salt is perhaps the best description of the northeastern city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which extends over 303 square kilometers at the foot of the mountain Majevica  Such a name is linked to hundreds of millions of tons of rock salt and salt water left behind the Pannonian Sea when, more than ten million years, withdrawal from this area. Name of the city is related to salt. The present name “Tuzla” comes from the Turkish language, which means salt factory.In the center of town was found the remains of lake-dwelling settlements from the Neolithic period, which proves that Tuzla is one of the oldest settlements in Europe.




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Tuzla - Sarajevo 120 km

Tuzla - Zagreb 330 km

Tuzla - Belgrade 230 km

Tuzla - Ljubljana 475 km

Tuzla - Podgorica 400 km

Tuzla - Skoplje 650 km

Tuzla - Vienna 700 km

Tuzla - Berlin 1.400 km

Tuzla - Rim 1.230 km

Tuzla - Budapest 480 km

Tuzla - Lausanne 1.280 km